In today’s competitive job market, having the right skills and up-to-date knowledge can make real difference in achieving professional success. At AISECT, our academic and academic oriented programmes moves the students beyond the theoretical perspective which is not being offered at any many colleges, to provide a practical, real-world education that students can apply in their career today and in future. It helps the students to feel free and it provides confidence over their life. All the branches include career-relevant concentration options that students can choose if they wish to expand their knowledge in a specialized area. 


    Our diverse academic teaching methodologies and outstanding human resources attract students from in and around the Country, the center of an education renaissance. When you strive to reach the peak of your potential by pursuing an industry-current, college degree, you can create opportunities to achieve personal, professional and academic fulfillment. At AISECT, we also set out to help you accomplish them. Our Institution of higher learning is focused on preparing career-focused individuals for success in their chosen professional career fields.


    This Institute is committed to the great task of providing quality education, which will transform the students into efficient and successful professionals. The college helps the students in acquiring education, which is dynamic, systematic and sensitive to the present needs of the society. the following page will satisfy you about the reasons, to step into AISECT COLLEGEfor your study.


    The opportunities for the employment of our students are improving constantly. this is the right chance to step in... at right place



Comp-Feeder Group Of Institutions, Indore

(i) AISECT COLLEGE Of Professional Studies

(ii) Madhuban Institute Of Professional Studies

(iii) Comp-Feeder Sanshtha

(iv) Madhuban School Of Nursing



Madhuban School Of Nursing

Address : Near Sanwariya Temple, Bypass road Barwani

Barwani. Contact : 98934-50054, 9893421015


Comp-Feeder Takniki Prashikshan Sansthan AISECT

Opp Hnuman Temple, Padawa, Khandwa


email:madhuban123@gmail.com,aisectdave@rediffmail.com, info@compfeeder.in

Website www.aisectcollegeindore.com,



CAT-Rau Road, Rangwasa

Near St. Norbert School, Indore

Web Site: www.compfeeder.in


Comp-Feeder Takniki Prashikshan Sansthan AISECT 3, Gumasta Nagar, Indore.

Ph:+91-07312788978,+91-9981137183, +91-9981137184

email:madhuban123@gmail.com, aisectdave@rediffmail.com, info@compfeeder.in

Website www.aisectcollegeindore.com,


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